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Oct 14, 2012 9:30am EDT
-- >> thanks for joining us for a look at business and fince here in the washingtonegion. this week, a major merger did not happen. paul ryan and joe bidenen tangled over taxeses a how we get out of the red while we salute the washington nationals. coming up later "the washington business journal" out with a new list. first, a look a the red hot ra in the u.s. senate. a mpaign is a among the most fiercely contested and the outcome will help detetermine which party will control the senate. this week, i sat down with former senator and governor, republican george allen. thank you for joining us for "washington business report." summit of the issues you he been dealing with have focused on the economy. those automatic spending cuts scheduled to happen i in january. you strongly oppose the idea now. at is the alternative? >> the alternative is leadership. putting off decisions to another commission. if they fail to come up we result in devastating cuts to our military readiness and over 200,000 jobs are at risk in virginia. the right thing to do is not raise taxes as they are proposing. it would
Oct 21, 2012 9:30am EDT
. >> thank you for joiningng us for a look a business and finance in the washington regioion, and one area in the news this week, prince george's county. we wilsit down with county executive rushern baker, but first we crossed the potomac where the race is in its final seat ands closely wated across t countntry. last week we spoke to former governor george allen. this week, democrat tim kaine on taxes, jobs, and how to grow the economy. >> thank you for joining us. the same question that i asked senator george allen, an issue that weigh the minds of many -- automatic spending cuts tt are scheduled to take place in january. youut forthth a detailed proposal. tell us what that plan is. >> i will. we are only here because off congress not been able to work together. i put a plan on the table get rid of $1 trillion of cuts by doing e following. we have to make a decision about the bush tax cuts. they expire year-end. i would let them expire for over $500,00000 in income. we need compromise. making them permanent would bust the deficit whiter. let's find a compromise budget wider. but sign
Oct 28, 2012 9:30am EDT
. you for joining us. we a are gearing up for the comg election. ballot with implicatio for economy and our personal portfolio. reaeason it became a househehold name. he was right when he said t thee is one issue ended as the stupid. these elections have party had on our regional economy. the economies are spending heavily here. big money over gambling in washington, d.c. is the univee forr hired to help man the force for what has become e most expensive campaign cycle. here to assess the outcome for meanace and what it could wlet,he man who is see d during the mpaign bruce, the host of the micichael from also l.e washingt business journa thahank you to you a. i have been threatening to take to be on the ow. thank you for joining u you have been looking at thesee start w with want to interviewou did withh the chaian of mgm grand. alked to you about what he for the casino if it is to be built.. a listen to what he had to say. >> we would like to build an resort wou fine dining, restaurants, a great retell, spas, hotel roomsthat to maryland.people it is a different proposition than wh
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3